Exotic 19

$50.00 USD $120.00 USD

Our Smokelettes are made of briar wood which is the finest wood used for the highest end smoking pipes in the world. It delivers an experience that only by using it can it be explained.

Each Smokelette has its own smoking experience that enhances the smoothness, taste, and potency of the smoke.

• Excellent Craftsmanship - Crafted with briar wood, the finest wood used for traditional cigar pipes

• Easily Portable - our patented design is small, light, and compact. Perfect for travel or every day use, the tapered design fits comfortably in your hand.

• Stylish & Sophisticated - Our Smokelettes come in three different trim options, black, red, and yellow. Perfect for any occasion or mood. 

• A Great Gift - The perfect portable conversation piece that makes for a great gift for friends and family who enjoy a premium smoking experience - or get yourself one!

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